Broccolo di Bassano | Organic Overwinter Cauliflower Seed

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Broccolo di Bassano il tardivo (overwintering) is a unique heritage Italian cauliflower with cream to light green petite heads (~300g) with tight wrapper leaves. Part of the project to save biodiversity. Gusto Italiano Project

Cultivated for centuries in the area of Bassano del Grappa, situated up against the Tyrolean foothills of the northwest Veneto region, Broccolo di Bassano “il tardivo” (late type) is late spring heading from the same late December/early January planting period as the Broccolo di Bassano ‘early type’, similar in form with somewhat jagged leaves and more open inflorescence

  • Professional Seed. Recent selection work by provides suitability for commercial application, high level of uniformity and yield

According to to Andrea of Smarties.Bio, if you trim of the leaves prior to cooking, you are missing half of the culinary enjoyment of the plants as they are extremely tender and flavorful at a time when many field greens have become more fibrous from time spent out in the winter elements. We find them to have less water content that most modern cauliflowers, with a texture more akin to Romanesco. Try roasting halved or quartered with the leaves still attached. It also has an absolutely melting texture when steamed and then sauteed to lightly brown. Delicious!

Key features

  • Specialty crop – Commercially viable heirloom
  • Selected seed for uniformity and yield
  • Calibrated seed for precision seeding
  • Certified Organic: CCPB F253
  • Average Field Weight: Approx’ 300g
  • Days to Maturity: 200+ days from transplant (Overwinter variety for spring harvest)
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