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Tend is a software platform to manage your farm.

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I wish something like Tend would have existed when I got started in farming. It would have saved me lots of time and worry. Today’s farmers are lucky to have the chance to get started with a tool that powerful from the get-go.

JM Fortier Farmer, Educator and Best-Selling Author “The Market Gardener”

Purposefully built for the diversified farm

Tend is an all-in-one platform that allows farmers to plan their crops, keep records, manage daily operations and track sales, all in a user-friendly platform available on any device connected to the web.

Crop planning that sets you up for success

When you create a plan in Tend, you’re presented with a roadmap to achieve your production goals: automatically generated tasks, projections of your yield & income, seed ordering amounts, and a map of where each crop will be planted. All of this leaves you with peace of mind knowing what needs to get done to be successful.

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Learn from your data to make the right decisions

All notes, completed tasks, and records are stored for you to easily review, analyze, and process each season’s successes and learnings. Using the Records and Reports features you can closely examine each crop and make the right decisions for your farm’s future.

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Save time & Stay organized through your Pick, Pack, and Sales workflows

In development · release date & pricing TDB

Orders from your digital offersheets seamlessly integrate with your Pick & Pack lists, so that you know how much to harvest and can full-fill orders with precision & efficiency.

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A little bit about us

We’re a small team of passionate farmers and technologists, working together to help make local, sustainable, diversified farming more profitable without changing the way nature intended our produce to be.

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Set your farm up for success

Use promo code “activevista” for 25% off your first year

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