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  • Cocoon PRO Series

    Our Cocoon Pro Series Complete Cocoon High Tunnels are caterpillar greenhouses designed for higher crops including flowers, trellised tomatoes and cucumber.

    At 2.75m high the Cocoon Pro Series provides all the options of the Classic Cocoons with 400mm added height, a solid centre purlin instead of the fabric purlin used with the Classic series. Additionally wind bracing and locking channels for a flat end option comes standard with the Pro series.

    Fast build and relocation – The Cocoon Pro series design can be relocated in 4-8 hours, regulating your plants and environment when and where you need. Building is easy with our easy to follow instructions and real time phone support for your build team

    All season design – Cocoon Pro caterpillar tunnels are the perfect greenhouse design for every season, overwintered crops, shoulder season warmth, summer shade

    Easily upgraded – The Cocoon Pro series can easily be upgraded at any time with our range of upgrade kits

    Custom Tunnel lengthsContact James to arrange a custom design from 6m to 50m or bulk discounts

  • Cocoon Pro series | Complete High Tunnel

    Cocoon Pro7.5 | 7.5m Complete High Tunnel

    $2,423.97 AUD excl gst
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  • Cocoon Pro15 | Complete High Tunnel

    Cocoon Pro15 | 15m Complete High Tunnel

    $3,618.07 AUD excl gst
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  • Cocoon Pro series | Complete High Tunnel

    Cocoon Pro30 | 30m Complete High Tunnel

    $5,646.69 AUD excl gst
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