Lift Kit

$24.79$520.54 AUD excl gst

400mm Lift Kit for Classic Cocoon Tunnels


Options for 15m and 30m Classic Cocoon Tunnels

Simply Tek screw the additional pipe lengths onto the bottom of your bows and, voila, your tunnel is 400mm taller!

Great for trellised crops like tomatoes or cucumbers, also makes your outer beds more accessible. The kit uses the same rebar, anchor plates and carabiner links that came with your Classic kit and can be retrofitted on a standing tunnel!

Each kit includes: either 22 (for 15m tunnel) or 42 (for 30m tunnel) 475mm pipe pieces (75mm is sleeved to slide into the bows), and Tek screws


Lift Kits work best with a Solid Centre Purlin kit to stop end hoop tops from being bent inward, alternatively  tie off end hoops to the star picket with a second strap or rope before refitting poly-film

You must use our 8.5m wide plastic with the Lift Kit in order to reach the ground on both sides. The 8.5m wide plastic is now standard on all tunnels

Note; if you ordered your tunnel before Feb 2019, you may need to order the wider plastic

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