Longley Organic FarmActiveVista stocks specialised equipment for market gardeners in Australia and New Zealand and professionally viable, selected seed for Australian gardeners in one convenient online store

The ActiveVista mission is to provide Australian and New Zealand small farmers with access to the leading international, innovative and industry appropriate equipment for profitable and sustainable bio-intensive and chemical free, small to medium professional market farming.

We are constantly sourcing and testing seed and farm innovations from around the globe as they become available and aim to provide expert advice for home and professional growers

Through ongoing trialling of the range of tools, seed and soil inputs at our testing farm, and from ongoing feedback from leading growers, our team at Longley Organic Farm in Southern Tasmania are able to recommend and consult on products to assist your growing requirements for the most cost effective and efficient market gardening equipment, soil inputs as well as provide feedback on our seed lines.

ActiveVista promotes regenerative market gardening principals to help others develop and maintain enduring profitable and resilient food systems and professional microfarming enterprises

At the Longley Organic Farm, our our regenerative, diverse cropping organic farm facility we incorporate strategies and tools developed by industry founders such as Eliot Coleman and Jon Jeavins, popularised by leading growers and teachers such as J.M.Fortier, ‘The Market Gardener‘, Jodi Roebuck, ‘Roebuck Farm’, Curtis Stone, ‘Urban Farmer’ and Conor Crickmore ‘Neversink Farm’.

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