The ActiveVista mission is to enable equal access for Australian and New Zealand small farmers to internationally recognised innovative equipment for profitable and sustainable bio-intensive and chemical free small to medium market farming, ActiveVista stocks all specialised tools for market gardeners in Australia and New Zealand and selected seed for Australian gardeners in one convenient online store. The purpose selected quality range of tools and seeds are standards at Longley Organic Farm in Southern Tasmania. We only recommend products that we use on our farm and have experimented with recommended equipment to find the most efficient market gardening equipment.

We use the equipment and machinery we recommend to operate our regenerative and profitable organic farm, while supplying our community, high quality local restaurants and organic food stores.

Longley Organic Farm incorporates strategies and tools popularised by J.M.Fortier, ‘The Market Gardener‘, Curtis Stone, ‘Urban Farmer’ and Conor Crickmore ‘Neversink Farm’. We are constantly sourcing and testing new innovations as they become available from around the globe, Keeping our region up to date with advances that support regenerative farming practices and enhancing profitable human scale market gardening. We can provide you with expert advice on how to use the products effectively to create your own “six figure gardening model”.

We use regenerative market gardening principals and have a mission to educate Australians and provide access to quality products so others may also run sustainable and profitable micro-farms.

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