Planting Equipment

We stock a variety of industry leading nursery transplant flats and drop seeders, precision field seeders and field transplant equipment.

To give you access to the most appropriate tools for profitable commercial seeding we has partnered with leading brands including;

US Johnny’s and Neversink Tools, Korean precision seeders Jang, Japanese Paperpot Transplanters and French Terrateck.

Product Type
Attachment (1)
Batch Seeders (3)
Bed Markers (1)
Drop Seeders (3)
Field Transplanters (4)
Flats Dibblers (3)
Transplant Flats (13)
Vacuum Seeders (2)
Kit / Package (14)
Replacement Part (16)
Accessory (35)
Hand Tool (4)
Clips & Fasteners (5)
Seeders and Transplant Systems (58)
Soil Blockers (6)
Transplant Flats & Plug Trays (10)
Watering & Irrigation (1)