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Wizard Planters unique technology provides solutions for the widest range of vegetable, grain and flower seeds with the one seeder!

ActiveVista is proud to bring the Wizard Planter range to Australian and New Zealand growers. With over 30 years of vacuum planter innovation, Italian based Wizard Planters range offers an exciting development in seed drill technology for professional growers involved in small to medium diverse cropping, greenhouse growing, seed trialing and more. Wizard seeders pneumatic sowing system guarantees a high quality sowing.

The optional R2-R3 multi-line sowing system interchangeable with the standard system allows you to quickly transform the sowing machine for corn, pumpkins, bean, etc. to a seeder capable of sowing 4.5cm row spacings with singlulated small seed carrot, onion, spinach and many more.

The structure, sizes and weight allow an easy use and movement as well as total management of the sowing units.

Wizard introduce the possibility of totally building and customising the seeder according to your needs. The wide choice of acessories allows you to adapt the seed drills to the different needs of the user and the type of crop.

PRECISION PLANTING JUST GOT EASIER Whether your scale is large or small, Wizard can do it all. Find what's right for you.

Accuracy and Adaptability

Wizard seeders, being equipped with a vacuum metering unit, stand out for their adaptability to different types of seeds.
The seeder can sow small seeds such as carrots, onions, salads and many more up to larger seeds such as corn, beans, soybeans and many others.
The change of the type of seed and the sowing distance on the row is made with simple and quick adjustments.
The seed metering unit is designed to work even at much higher speeds than the actual working speed, this guarantees high precision.
The adaptability of our vacuum metering unit is also given by the multi-line sowing systems 'R2 and R3' transforming each single sowing unit with 1 line into 2 and 3 sowing lines in a very short time and without using tools.

ActiveVista's range of Wizard Planters

Modularity and manageability

The modularity of our seeders allows to satisfy the need, by adapting the same machine from sowing crops that need a large surface for the germination, such pumpkin, corn, courgettes, melons etc. to crops that need less surface like most vegetables.
The gearbox mounted on each sowing unit allows great modularity and customization of the seeders.
The reduced weight and size of our entire range allows easy handling, even inside greenhouses as well as in transportation.
All this while maintaining the sowing quality that distinguishes precision pneumatic sowing.

ActiveVista's range of Wizard Planters

Helping you understand the range of Wizard vacuum precision planters is our priority.

For enquiries please contact ActiveVista director and consultant, James Hutchinson.
We stock all Wizard components and accessories at our warehouse in Australia.

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Tractor users

The WZ-D series is a “universal” seeder for its adaptability to crops and the type of users. The WZ-D Series, seeders for medium-small tractors (about 50 HP).
The WZ-D series consists of 1 up to a maximum of 5 sowing units and the distance between them goes from 25 cm up. Suitable either for sowing on open field and on raised bed.

The WZ-F series (model shown), planters for small tractors, focused for horticulture farmers and raised bed seeding. Equipped with up to 8 sowing units.

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Two wheel tractor users

The WZ-C series also includes the WZ-C COMPACT models which are even more manageable given the reduced length. The WZ-C Series, models that are applied to a two wheel tractor (BCS, Pasquali, Ferrari, Nibbi, Bertolini and Goldoni) and have 1,2 or 3 sowing units. The WZ-C series also includes the WZ-C COMPACT models which are even more manageable given the reduced length.

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WZ-A Series | WZ-A10 WZ-A20 WZ-A30


The WZ-A Series variants are powered by a 4-stroke engine with a 4.5 HP. It has 1, 2 or 3 sowing units

Being self-propelled, the Wizard A series seeder is able to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time

Planting upwards of 2 acres per day is possible with a single operator

Perfect for Raised beds, Greenhouse, seed trials or open field

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R2 – R3 Solutions 2 and 3 sowing line each unit

R2 and R3 multi-line solutions let us reduce the distance between sowng lines to 9cm (R2) or 4.5cm (R3)
The standard single line sowing unit distance is currently min. 25cm or 12,5 cm in the WZ-F model.
These solutions allow multiple sowing lines, as each single line sowing unit will have 2 and 3 lines.

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Wizard Planters have 2 goals:
> The greatest number of solutions in single seeder.
> The same technology as a seeder for large extensions in a seeder for small extensions.