ActiveVista by Longley Organic Farm

ActiveVista by Longley Organic Farm supplies Market Gardeners with the equipment, products and knowledge to develop regenerative micro-farming in Australia and New Zealand. We are based on our certified organic regenerative micro-farm in southern Tasmania which supplies organic produce to the community using the ‘six figure market-gardening’ model.

ActiveVista are stockists of selected seed and popular market gardening equipment such as the Drill Powered Tilther, Jang precision seeders, Paperpot Transplanter systems and accessories, Quickcut Greens Harvesters, Terratek products and are registered agents of VinRowe Australia, supplying you with quality BCS Walking Tractors and attachments.

We follow the same practices as J.M Fortier ‘The Market Gardener’ and Curtis Stone ‘Urban Farmer’ and make the market gardening tools they recommend available to you.

We source our tools direct from suppliers and manufacturers across the globe to provide the best pricing for Market Gardeners across Australia and New Zealand.

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