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Access to Microfarming

ActiveVista provides diversified cropping market gardeners with the leading industry appropiate products and seeds to develop productive bio-intensive farm systems.

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Game Changers!

ActiveVista stocks a comprehensive range of recognised game changing equipment. Here are a few of our favourites to boost your productivity.



Perfect seedbed preparation.

The 'Tilther' is a lightweight 18v drill powered tiller/ cultivator designed to create perfect tilth within the top 50 mm of your bed by mixing in compost and fertilizer while chopping up the roots of the previous crop.

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Paperpot Transplanter | Complete Package

Paperpot Transplanter | Complete Package

The Paperpot Transplanter turns hours of labour into minutes!

Create massive time saving
Seeding of 264 cells trays in seconds
Will crop a 20 metre, four row bed in around 5 minutes with 4-6 week old plants.
Decreases weeding downtime, potential for 25% more cropping in the same beds.

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Professional Double Wheel Hoe

Terrateck Pro Double Wheel Hoe

Designed for effective weeding and working close or in between crops.

A wide range of Terrateck accessories are available for the double wheel hoe allowing a market gardener to utilise the double wheel hoe for a number of crops and uses. The angle of the tool as it meets the soil may also be adjusted and the system is maneuverable, versatile and built to last.

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Cocoon Pro30 | Complete High Tunnel

Cocoon Pro30 | 30m Complete High Tunnel

Cocoon Pro30 | 30m Season Extension Tunnel with added height and solid purlin as standard. inc option for open or walled ends.

The Cocoon Pro30, 30metre Season Extension Tunnel allows Spring and Autumn extended growing times and Summer shade for healthier growth. Easy and fast relocation.

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Two-Wheel Tractor Market Gardener Packages

ActiveVista stocks the most sought BCS two wheel walk behind tractor and market gardening attachment options

Supplying Australia wide, throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific
Sales support and helpful advice.  Contact James Hutchinson, senior consultant. [email protected] +61 427995867

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Quick Cut Greens Harvester | Model 1503

No more kneeling, no more knives or scissors

Harvesting a kilo of salad in under 15 seconds, this commercial quality implement is a primary tool for market farming or microgreens. Drill powered, the Quick Cut Greens Harvester's serrated blade makes a clean cut.
A rolling brush gently pulls leaves into the blade and then throws into the basket

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Gridder Master Kit

Gridder Spools and Kit

The Gridder Master Kit for the production market farm.

This set covers most vegetable spacings. Rapid gridding of 75cm beds for 1 to 9 rows with horizontal and vertical axis with one pass.
Grid 20 metres in seconds. The set includes a handle, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 spool.

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JP-5 | Seeder + 15 Roller Package

JP-5 | Seeder + 15 Roller Package

5 Row Speed Seeder Complete Kit

The Jang 5-row speed seeder accurately singulates 5 rows of seeds rapidly.

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We had already started seedling plantings which is very time consuming. We were so happy when our Paperpot Transplanter arrived. Turning hours into minutes and for one worker instead of three, (not to mention the savings on our backs), we now have lots of seedlings growing in garden. Many thanks to ActiveVista for their support and help.

finmaw farm- paperpot

Pam Mawdsley

Finmaw Farm

So exciting to finally get the Jang seeder dirty! Today we planted Kale and Rocket - it only took us 30 minutes with this bad boy!

Oli Wichmann

Huski Greens

Selected Seeds

ActiveVista supplies an extensive range of market leading organic and non-certified vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Our range includes hybrid, open pollinated and pelleted seeds. Our mission is to make affordable, quality seed accessible to market gardeners and growers across Australia.

What's New

“Switching to Winstrip Trays had the biggest affect on my farm’s production compared to all the changes we have made at Neversink over the years.” Conor Crickmore. The Winstrip 72 tray makes soil blocks obsolete. These trays bring all the benefits of soil blocks without any of the downside.

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Neversink Online Farm Course with Conor Crickmore

The leading educational platform for small scale growers


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We are so greatful for ActiveVista providing access of the Neversink Tools range to Australia and the region. I recognize ActiveVista as the go to place for all microfarming equipment.

Conor Crickmore

ActiveVista is proudly partnered with Neversink Tools.

Gridder Spools and Kit

The Gridder Master Kit for the production market farm.

This set covers most vegetable spacings. Rapid gridding of 75cm beds for 1 to 9 rows with horizontal and vertical axis with one pass.
Grid 20 metres in seconds. The set includes a handle, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 spool.

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JM Fortier Toolshed List

The ActiveVista catalogue includes the required tools for Jean-Martin Fortier’s “Market Gardeners Master Class” tools for profitable market farming. JM Fortier is recognised globally as a leading educator and practitioner in the field of market farming.

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What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.
ActiveVista supplies a range of inputs and equipment for regenerative soil health.

Farm made biochar with the ActiveVista "Pyrolizer"