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Regenerative Ag Equipment and Seeds for Commercial and Home Growers

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Access to Microfarming

ActiveVista provides diversified cropping market gardeners with the leading industry appropiate products and seeds to develop productive bio-intensive farm systems.

New & Popular

Here's just some of our great new seeds, tools, sales and bundles to help you dial in your growing this season!

Qlipr Trellis System

Attend to 600 plants per hour with Qlipr

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Craig | F1 Lebanese Cucumber Seed

More natural growth and fruiting, RZ Blueleaf®

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SumiSoaker | R Wide Hose Kits (inc fittings)

Dial up your bed germination! Low pressure, 11m width, fast,easy lightweight relocation, heavy duty.

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JP-5 | Seeder + 15 Roller Package

JP-5 | 5 Row Seeder

Accurately singulates 5 rows of seeds rapidly

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Hekla | 90 Day Rossa di Chioggia Chicory Seed

Adaptable professional OP Chicory. Round, perfectly wrapped heads

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Designed for human scale regenerative agriculture by farmers

Cocoon Pro series | Complete High Tunnel

Cocoon Pro30 | 30m Complete High Tunnel

From $40sqm you'll be covered from the first crop

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Two-Wheel Tractor Market Gardener Packages

Subsidised local freight, fast delivery 10% discount

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Quick Cut Greens Harvester | Model 1503

At 1kg/15 seconds save over 5 hours per 100kg of salad leaf

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Professional Double Wheel Hoe

Terrateck Pro Double Wheel Hoe

20% Off Bio-discs and more with this bundle

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six tyne market garden broadfork

Six Tyne Market Garden Broadfork

Light weight with hardened tynes, to fit a 750-800mm bed width, to 300mm depth

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