LowCat Tunnel Kits

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The LowCat™ heavy duty low tunnel hoops by Neversink Farm Tools provide season extension and crop protection for a fraction of the price of high tunnels. Its unique patent pending design provides quick and easy setup.

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LowCats have the highest wind protection of any low tunnel according to Neversink Farm Tools.

Kits include:

  • 11 x Hoops
  • 11 x Shock Cords
  • 2 x U-Stakes to hold down the cover
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Your choice of row cover is all that is needed, and sold separately.

We recommend a shoulder strap and carabiner which are sold separately to carry the bag and leave your hands free during setup.

Recommended spacing between hoops is 1.5 metres to 3 metres. 3m is best for indoor protection and 1.5m gives you the best wind and snow resistance. An 11 hoop kit can create 15 metres to 33 metres of low tunnel depending on your spacing.

Patent pending

LowCat Model Bed Width Height at Median Bed Width Covering Width
75cm Regular 69-83cm 70cm High 2m-2.5m wide cover

The LowCat system is heavy duty and versatile. Here are just some of the benefits;

  • Standard LowCat hoops are 68cm high, great for use with a variety of crops.
  • LowCat hoops can be used with a wide range of coverings
  • The LowCat’s unique patent pending design makes it easy to move around the farm and extremely fast to set up.
  • There are no bulky and awkward hoops to carry around. The LowCat bag keeps your hands free during set up and holds 30m of tunnel. Easy to store and carry.
  • It is self tightening so coverings stays taut making it the low tunnel with the best protection from the wind.
  • The Arch is stainless steel which will not rust.
  • Many coverings can be layered and combined.
  • Sides slide up and down without ripping.

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