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Cocoon Tunnel Pro Series

$2,659.45$10,051.18 AUD excl gst


What length is right for you?

Length: We currently offer tunnels in 6m, 7.5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m and 40m lengths.

30 metre tunnels are the most cost effective per square metre, while the 6m, 7.5m and 10m tunnels are a convenient smaller size that fits in more locations.

All Pro models come with sufficient locking channels and wiggle wire to use on the end hoops for open ended tunnels. The package includes additional film for DIY or Steel Frame End Walls. Additionally there are two 5 metre lengths of purlin strap and clasps if you choose to secure your open ended tunnel from the apex of the end hoop to an external star picket at ground level (3m from the end hoop) as per the Classic Tunnel.

More information can be found in our Cocoon Tunnel FAQ section.

Need more information?

Standard 4.6m wide tunnels can fit 4 x 75cm beds and 3 x 45cm pathways with the hoops sitting 12cm past the side beds. Slightly additional bed or path width can be achieved by flexing the hoop width + 25cm* recommended maximum*.

Narrow 3.7m wide tunnels are designed for when space is limited, there is a 90cm narrower central hoop segment on each hoop. This may also assist in keeping tunnels under a 36m2 footprint for urban settings. E.g. A 7.5m x 4.6m tunnel = 34.5m2 or a slightly shortened 10m x 3.7m tunnel could easily fit under 36m.

Width and Add-ons. All add-on kits will work with either width.

Need help on hoop spacing?

1500mm hoop spacing: This is our standard hoop spacing ideal for most customers when choosing a Cocoon caterpillar tunnel.

1250mm hoop spacing: Consider upgrading to the 1250mm hoop spacing if you live in a more prevalent snow or wind environment and need the strongest possible Cocoon Tunnel—particularly when combined with Steel Framed End Walls and End Wall Purlin Bracing Kit, Cross Bracing Trellis Kits and or additional Purlin Kits.

Brand Catalogue:


Professional Low-Tech Greenhouse Design, Ready for Business.

The Pro series Cocoon Tunnels are designed for low to high crops and seedling propagation, with endurance and upgradability in mind

One of the Pro’s great features is the flexible design, giving you options for upgrade kits if and when you need them. Choose from open or flat ends with this package as greenhouse film Locking Channel for the end hoops is standard along with wind bracing. Enjoy the benefits of most additional upgrades shipped free when purchasing with your tunnel.

Another great feature is the height allowing you to trellis indeterminate cucumber and tomato crops for lower and lean while the Pro’s central height of 2.75 metres combined with its Quanset tunnel shape makes it more secure against winds impacts than similar higher structures.

Fruiting and bolt sensitive crops will benefit from the Light Diffusing commercial greenhouse film, creating an evenness of spectrum throughout the tunnel that you sense when you enter and the Side Curtain Hooks provide an easy solution to lifting your tunnels sides for great ventilation.

As with all Cocoon Tunnels and Upgrade kits Active Vista have you covered providing real time phone support for your team and easy to follow guides. Combined with a very low price per metre footprint and subsidised or free shipping to many major centres*


Easy Build and Relocation

  • The Cocoon Pro series design can be relocated in 5-10 hours with two people, depending on which upgrades are installed. Building is easy with our easy to follow instructions and real time phone support for your build team

All Season Growth

  • Cocoon Pro caterpillar tunnels are the perfect greenhouse design for every season, overwintered crops, shoulder season warmth, summer shade

All Season Management

  • Irrigate and apply crop management methods by your schedule, not the climate’s

Easily Upgraded

  • The Cocoon Pro series can be upgraded at any time with our range of Upgrade kits including, strengthening braces, additional purlin, adjustable steel framed end walls and door, overhead and ground level irrigation kits (Coming soon), Wire cable trellis kits, Shade kits and more.

Shipping Included*

  • Delivery included to freight depots in some major centres in Eastern Australia, including capital cities. We subsidise shipping nationally and to New Zealand. Check out our great shipping options here.

The Cocoon Pro Series:  7.5m – 30m long x 2.35m high with variable width options.

Package includes all Classic parts:

  • Emailed instructional videos and photos
  • 16mm ReBar footings x 1000mm (N16 deformed rod).
  • Anchor Plates (3mm x 314 Stainless steel).
  • 5mm Carabiners for Anchor plates
  • 2400mm x 35mm Galvabond steel preshaped hoop sections.
  • 160mm x 31.8mm intenal Galvabond steel sleeves for hoop sections.
  • 12g TEK Screws plus driver
  • 4-12 x Side Curtain Hooks (for lifting and supporting greenhouse film on tunnel sides when needed).
  • 25mm UV stabilised Centre Purlin Strap
  • 2 Purlin Strap Clasps (star pickets for attaching clasps, purlin strap and film at tunnel ends are not provided)
  • 180um Anti-drip, light diffusing, UV stabilised Greenhouse Plastic to suit tunnel length plus an additional 8m (8.5m film width supports lift kit upgrade).
  • Braided Rope x 230m spools for securing film to structure using the anchor plates and carabiners).
  • Option for windbracing
  • Telephone support
  • Pallet dimensions; 2500mm x 800mm x 400-500mm, 120kg-220kg. Will fit on a standard ute tray or trailer
  • Delivery included to freight depots in some major centres in Eastern Australia, including capital cities. We subsidise shipping nationally and to New Zealand. Check out our great shipping options here.


  • 400mm Lift Kit
  • Steel Centre Purlin
  • Wind Bracing
  • 18 linear metres of Locking Channel and Wiggle Wires for end hoops and the open end option
  • Free shipping of Upgrade kits if purchased and sent with the tunnel
  • 10% Discount on additional tunnels purchased at the same time


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