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The Iconoclast is a tool for living soil vegetable production systems



This drill powered bed prep tool has been modernized to suit the needs of low entry cost market farmers or as an affordable duplicate

Conor has been using a similar tool on his farm for many years. Based on missing needs and the requirements at his intensive no-till high production farm, he designed the Iconoclast

The Iconoclast is used in minimal till operations to smooth the top 12mm to 36mm of soil before seeding or transplanting

Great for smoothing and breaking up added compost, leaving your initial beds’ soil undisturbed

It can also be used to incorporate amendments like calcium or potassium into the first inch of your growing bed to maintain healthy living soil and significantly speed up your soil balancing efforts

After killing the last crop with tarping, The Iconoclast can incorporate the rotten residue to feed the life of the soil

The Iconoclast is unable to invert soil layers, and thus it maintains the living soil profile

When combined with a solar panel, The Iconoclast can be a central part of a carbon neutral regenerative vegetable system

The Iconoclast is not for primary nor deep tillage. Using it for this purpose or with large rocks voids any warranty

Iconoclast Features

  • Shoulder Strap to easily carry the Iconoclast around the garden or farm
  • Throttle cable to effortlessly drive the drill at any speed
  • Clamp lever to change handle angle quickly without the need for tools
  • Rubber grips for comfort
  • Hardened steel tines with black oxide coating for many years of use
  • Priced economically so that farms could afford duplicates
  • Quick Handle Turning
  • Great for Hoop House Side Rows

”About three years ago, a farmer in Maine whom I respect highly, suggested that I create a modern version of a battery powered cultivator he designed years ago and that I have been using at Neversink Farm for many seasons, that would be more affordable so that an increased number of farmers and gardeners could get access to it. I said maybe I could, not knowing how incredibly hard this task would be.“ -Conor Crickmore

Conor has been testing the Iconoclast at Neversink Farm for a full year to make sure it meets his rigorous quality standards

  • Lightweight & Easy to Transport
  • Drill Not Included, 18 volt cordless drill with 13mm chuck size required, use drill in low gear
  • Warning, Powered rotating blades. Always dissengage battery from drill when moving between beds or if left unattended
  • Not intended for or suited to unsupervised use around children.
  • Wood handles have been waxed. Do not coat wood with any protectant other than Neversink Farm Tool’s approved oil as this may have adverse reaction with the composite plastic and void your warranty

Neversink Tools | Iconoclast Assembly Video