Neversink Paperpot | Germination Tray Packs

$120.61$4,308.86 AUD excl gst

Neversink Tools’ heavy duty germination tray for Paperpot and microgreens

For use with all Paperpot Transplanter systems and microgreens production

Produced for commercial propagation, these Neversink Paperpot trays will endure and are to the highest specifications.

They also save room in your propagation house over other paperpot trays as their nesting takes up half the space.

These trays also make the perfect microgreen trays.

  • 10 Pack – $12.61 per Tray
  • 20 Pack – $10.44 per Tray
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Neversink Heavy Duty Paperpot Germination Trays

Manufactured by Neversink Farm in TN, USA

  • Food grade, BPA free, Recycled Plastic
  • UV protected
  • Paperpot germination trays are are a required item to be used with the Paperpot Chainpots, the spreader frame and bars
  • These well drained and robust Papepot flat trays are also perfect for microgreens
  • Built strong, they’re an alternative to 10:20 flats
  • High quality solid  seedling flats
  • 60cm x 30cm x 30mm
  • Designed for healthy seedling development

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