Neversink Paperpot | Bottom Tray Packs

$120.61$4,568.72 AUD excl gst

Neversink Tools’ Solid Bottom Tray for Paperpot and Microgreens

The solid bottom trays are designed to be a perfect fit under the Neversink Paperpot germination tray so that you get both watering and wicking

  • Designed for use with the Neversink Paperpot Tray
  • The top doesn’t just sit in the water
  • They also save room in your propagation house over other paperpot trays as their nesting takes up half the space
  • 10 Pack – $12.06 per Bottom tray
  • 20 Pack – $10.76 per Bottom tray
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Manufactured by Neversink Farm in TN, USA

  • Food grade, BPA free, Recycled Plastic
  • UV protected
  • Nestling design
  • 60cm x 30cm x 30mm
  • Designed for healthy seedling development

We suggest a small to medium sized market garden would use 60-80 trays (6-8 packs), a medium to larger farm would require 120-200 trays

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