Activated Biochar | Fine

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Activated Biochar Fine 5-10mm x 10 litre

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Activated Biochar made in Tasmania using traditional Japanese Cone Kilns, pyrolised at temperatures of 500-700oC, ensuring the integrity of the carbon platelets

Biochar is microporous, so it improves soil water holding capacity and helps hold nutrients in the soil. It provides a habitat for beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae, supporting soil life

Recommended application of fine activated biochar

  • Vegetable beds – 300ml-1L/m2 annuallyor biennially to 150mm depth
  • Composts or worm farms –  40-100L/m3
  • Fruit Trees and ornamentals – 10L per 0.1m3

If added annually, fine activated biochar will build up the soil to store more carbon as part of a long term carbon storage strategy

• Improves soil quality and crop yield
• Reduces summer heat stress in veggies
• Added to seed raising mix will increase germination rates
• Improves microbiology of soil
• Reduces nutrient run off in high rainfall
• Improves soil structure and root growth
• Stabilises moisture levels
• Reduces fertiliser use by up to 60%
• Reduces odour and is beneficial for camp toilets

All plant material used is carefully selected ensuring the best regenerative outcomes

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