Biochar | 20 Litre

$45.93 AUD excl gst

Nonactivated Biochar Standard Grade, 20 Litre

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Recommended veggie patch application for crops is 500ml per m2.

Can be activated by your choice of inputs.

Great for camping toilets.

Made in Tasmania using traditional Japanese Cone Kilns, pyrolised at temperatures of 500-700oC, ensuring the integrity of the carbon platelets. All plant material used is carefully selected, ensuring the best regenerative outcomes.

  • Improves soil quality and crop yield;
  • Reduces summer heat stress in veggies;
  • Added to seed raising mix will increase germination rates;
  • Improves microbiology of soil;
  • Reduces nutrient run off in high rainfall ;
  • Improves soil structure and root growth;
  • Stabilises moisture levels;
  • Reduces fertiliser use by up to 60%;
  • Reduces odour and is beneficial for camp toilets.

Biochar is microporous, so it improves soil water holding capacity and helps hold nutrients in the soil. It provides a habitat for beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae, so greatly improves soil life.

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