Neversink Farm are offering scholarships to the Neversink Farm Course as part of our current Beginning Farmer Project Initiative over the next 12 days.
Deadline for applications is 4/30/2019

The Leading educational platform for small scale growers, The Neversink Farm Course, is the foundation of Members. 

What is the Market Farming Course About?

– I cover the Neversink Systems to growing vegetables, which are about High Efficiency and High Profits.

· Farming is hard work. This course is not about some secret to duplicating my success but about the 100s of things I do at Neversink Farm which contribute to that success. Be ready to work for it!

 Who is the Market Farm Course For?

· This is for experienced small scale farmers who want to become more profitable or more efficient by creating systems that work.

· This is for beginners looking to quickly ramp up their knowledge, while planning the future of their farm.

· This is for anyone who wants to grow their own food or just enjoys watching videos about it. 

How is the Neversink Farm Course Different?

· Conor Crickmore is a well known educator in Small Scale Market Farming and a creator of super efficient farming methods that are proven to work on his farm.

· My success is built on hundreds of small and large changes that I made on my farm over the years. I try to cover all of the cumulative changes I made that resulted in an organized, well run, and profitable farm.

· I am not aware of any small scale farm course that goes into as much detail and covers as many topics as this course does.

· Over 100 lessons, each running about 30 minutes, with more being developed all the time. This is only course that keeps delivering great content regularly.

Follow this link { https://neversink-farm-education}  for all subject areas covered and enrolment information.