The Neversink Farm Course with Conor Crickmore

Neversink Courses is offering a free workshop, “Processing Greens on the Market Farm”.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Methods for maximizing efficiency
  • Learn wash-and-pack layout
  • See the latest greens processing equipment
  • Pro-tips from a well-seasoned, profitable farmer
  • Increase the quality and shelf life (using these systems, our greens last two weeks or more)


Neversink Online Market Farming Course



The Neversink Online Farm Course is the most expansive and detailed online education for small scale vegetable growers available

Thousands of growers throughout the world have been able to start a successful farm or improve their established operations learning from Conor Crickmore

Conor is one of the most successful and innovative farmers in the field. Through efficiency, systems, and special tools, many invented by Conor, he has been achieving his goal of dramatically increasing the number of profitable family farms and trying to change the face of agriculture

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Your Mentor and Teacher

Conor Crickmore

The farm course is taught by Conor Crickmore who is educating market farms around the world to be more profitable. He also owns Neversink Farm, one of the most profitable organic small scale farms anywhere.

Conor’s success is built on hundreds of small and large changes made on his farm over the last fifteen years. Conor covers all of the cumulative changes that resulted in an organized, well run, and profitable farm.

Conor details the Neversink Systems he created for growing vegetables and building a farm, which are about High Efficiency and High Profits.



Neversink Market Farming Course Syllabus

  • The Essentials of Market Farming (Over 24 Hours) +
  • Marketing, Sales and Managing Employees Module (5 Hours) +
  • Flower Farming Master Course (5 Hours) +
  • More Revenue Streams +
  • Starting a Farm Intensive +
  • Vegetable Reference +
  • Herb Farming Module (Over 5 Hours) +
  • Bonus Features +

Greenhouse Crop (Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber) Growing Syllabus (Included)

  • Designing and Building Hoop Houses (5 Hours) +
  • Greenhouse Crop Production (9 Hours) +

Winter Growing Course Syllabus (Included)

  • Guide to Winter Production +
  • Winter Crops +
  • Movable Hoop Houses +
  • Season Extension Techniques +
  • Growing in Four Seasons Intensive

How is this Course Different?

There are many people out there who can show you how to grow great vegetables using all kinds of techniques. So why choose this course to help build your farm?

Neversink was created without investors, without land ownership, and without outside income. Neversink Farm was built on leased derelict land to support a family financially, pay its workers, and create a life connected to nature.

Conor and his family created one of the most profitable farms anywhere. This perserverance created a business that is based on much more than just being able to grow vegetables. This course is also about all of those other things that make farms successful.