Activated Biochar | Superfine

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1 and 5 litre Activated Biochar,  Superfine grade 1-3mm

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Made in Tasmania using traditional Japanese Cone Kilns, pyrolised at temperatures of 500-700oC, ensuring the integrity of the carbon platelets

Biochar is microporous, so it improves soil water holding capacity and helps hold nutrients in the soil. It provides a habitat for beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae, so greatly improves soil life

Use with worm farm/hotels to reduce odours and increase worm farm health. Application rate is 200ml per worm hotel layer, mixed in

  • Improve organic nutrient holding and release capacity in seedling flats and pots
  • For commercial and backyard vegie growers
  • Improve longevity of flower blooms
  • 1 litre makes 100 litres of potting or seed raising mix
  • Increase worm farm health and reduce compost odours
  • Improves soil quality and crop yield
  • Reduces summer heat stress in veggies
  • Added to seed raising mix will increase germination rates
  • Improves microbiology of soil
  • Reduces nutrient run off in high rainfall
  • Improves soil structure and root growth
  • Stabilises moisture levels
  • Reduces fertiliser use by up to 60%
  • Reduces odour and is beneficial for camp toilets

Perfect for seedling flats /transplants, with ‘Bioboost’ locally produced Effective Microorganisms (E.M.) and Marrawah liquid Bull Kelp, ensuring an Australian quality product for the consumer

Recommended application for seed flats and seed raising – 100ml per 10 litres

All plant material used is carefully selected, ensuring the best regenerative outcomes

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