BioBoost+ Probiotic Soil Conditioner

$12.31$140.23 AUD excl gst

A dynamic formulation of microbe cultures, amino acids, enzymes, bio-stimulants and trace minerals, BioBoost+ works to restore and boost biological activity in the soil. Successfully integrated into Longley Organic Farm’s Certified Organic system.


BioBoost+ is primarily used to build “new generational activity” in an environment. The amino acids and enzymes it contains assist in root growth and nutrient uptake. It can also be used as a foliar spray to stimulate plant growth and disease resistance, and increase nutritional levels and yield quality. BioBoost+ can be used with MacroBoost Blooming Lot to boost active biology for maximum benefit.

Bioboost + is considered by Longley Organic Farm to be a cornerstone regenerative product for their six figure system.

BioBoost+ Ingredients: Naturally occurring microbe cultures (Yeasts, Lactic Acid Bacteria and Photosynthetic Bacteria).

Bio-Stimulants: Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Tasmanian Kelp, Sea Minerals and Molasses. Chelated and complexed with natural amino acids and enzymes.


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