Paperpot Chainpot LP303-10, 10cm Spacing

$52.00$362.00 AUD excl gst

LP303-10, 10cm Paperpot Chainpots are suited to beetroot, parsnip, leek, onion, kale and more.

Available in packs of ten or a case of 75.

Coverage. LP303-10, 10cm covers a distance of 28.4 linear metres.

The LP303-15, 15cm covers a distance of 42.6 linear metres.



The Paperpot Chainpots come in three spacings, 5, 10 and 15cm. The 10 and 15cm pots can also be used for 20cm and 30cm spacings. They are purpose designed to be used with the Paperpot Transplanter system.

There are 264 cells in all three sizes, and the cells are all 25mm wide x 30mm deep. All three types have the same appearance when fitted to the tray and all three use the same Dibble Board. The three types CP303, LP303-10 and the LP303-15 are designed to be used with the HP-10 and the updated HP-16 Transplanter.

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