SumiSoaker | R Wide Hose Kits (inc fittings)

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The SumiSoaker R-Wide Kits is perfect for market gardens, sporting greens and landscape keepers.  The SumiSoaker kits come with everything you need to start irrigatingline is easily connected and removed by your choice of attachment, hose fitting or agline.

Efficiency equals low water usage. The R-Wide hose has a low operating pressure of 7psi – 30psi, and provides an even coverage of up to 5.5 metres on both sides (11 metres width). Delivering an even 1mm of medium droplets in 7 minutes R-Wide SumiSoaker has all of your biointensive low crops, germination and maintanance needs covered.

SumiSoaker by Sumika Agriteck is the highest quality in it’s class delivering many years of hassle free use, the SumiSoaker has the professional and home garden covered

The simple installation process involves unrolling the hose in the desired location and connecting to a standard agline fitting or garden hose fitting. The gentle rainfall effect keeps the soil structure intact, not hardening the surface and allowing slow absorption of the water to the roots.

The kits comes pre-assembled with:

  • 1 x 25mm end to suit garden hose fitting or agline fitting (either m or f)
  • 1 x Inline 181 micron filter
  • 1 x Selected length of R-Wide irrigation hose
  • 1 x Adjustable end clip
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SumiSoaker | R-Wide Hose Kit (inc fittings)

The perfect kit for dense seed germination, seedling and field management, fast and thorough. Suitable for open fields, gardens, nurseries and green houses. The R-Wide system can be turned down to perfectly suit a narrower space such as a green house or selected bed widths.

Used by professional market gardeners, Japanese designed and made, the Sumisoaker lasts many years with 8 plus years currently in use.

Key features and benefits

  • Eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome watering systems – SumiSoaker is lightweight and and easy to move around, a 50m unit weighs approximately 5kg
  • Store it with ease – SumiSoaker units are compact and easy to store with a 50m unit being only 32cm in length x 23cm wide x 43cm high
  • Water with efficiency – Output is is equivalent to 9mm of rain an hour
  • Water an area of up to 1,000m² – 500m² is equivalent to a full sized tennis court
  • Low operating pressure – Max operating pressure is 200kpa (30psi)
  • Variable length – Using the unique sliding stopper
  • Fine, soft droplets – Maximises ground soakage and minimises run-off
  • Filtration system – SumiSoaker is available with a special inline filter
  • Low installation costs – Whether for commercial or domestic use, SumiSoaker is inexpensive and a more efficient alternative to underground watering systems and awkward above ground perfo-rain and sprinkler systems


Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure**: 200kpa (2kg/ cm2), 30 psi
Required Flow Rate per Metre: 1.5 litres per metre of hose per minute.
50m: 75lts per minute
Coverage at Optimum Pressure and Flow Rate: 10 metres width (5m either side of hose)
Water Application Rate: Equivalent to 9mm/hour of rain at 200kpa @ 1.5 lt/ metre/min flow rate
Coverage Area: Rectangular. Up to 1000m2 (10m wide x 100m long).
Operating Length: Adjustable operating length using sliding stopper Tube Width (Flat): 62mm Tube
Diameter (Inflated): 34mm Number of Holes: 6 holes / 310mm of tube
Material: Special black polyethylene
Filter: 181 micrometer = 100 mesh

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