Gridder Spools and Kit

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This is a rolling dibbler to lay out your plantings. Even and straight plantings are more productive and easier to cultivate. Patent Pending. Gridder Planting Chart download

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The Neversink Gridder

Perfectly lays out rows on a 75cm bed to give each plant the ideal space. Many plant spacings can be achieved with one spool using the corners, sides, and the middle of grid squares

  • Rapid gridding of 75cm beds for 1 to 11 rows with horizontal and vertical axis with one pass
  • Grid 20 metres in seconds
  • All spools sent as a flatpack for easy construction

The Gridder Range

The Master Kit provides the spools that will cover pretty much every hand transplanted crop on the market farm. The set includes a handle set plus the 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 spool

The Handle Set One gridder handle can be used for all spools. Constructed from heavy duty steel and a local Australian hardwood handle to last a lifetime. Includes a built-in bed marker to easily center grid on a 75cm bed. Spools not included

2×2 Spool We use the two by two for Kale, Tomatoes, Chard, and Broccoli
3×3 Spool We use the three by three for Lettuce, Beets, Basil, and Celery
4×4 Spool We use the four by four for Lettuce Heads, Bok Choy, and Fennel
5×5 Spool
We use the five by five for dense plantings of Spinach, Bok Choy, and Flowers
6×6 Spool
We use the six by six for dense plantings of Spinach, and Flowers or laying out lines for planting dense paperpots

Neversink Tools | Gridder Assembly Video



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