Zipper | Neversink Tools.

$155.00 AUD excl gst

The Zipper is the most versatile garden and small farm tool. It plants Paperpots, dense plugs, seeds, bulbs, onion starts, corms, places side dressing at the root zone and covers and much more. Also use it cultivate rows of densely planted vegetables like carrots, as it throws soil on top of emerging weeds. Use the zipper all over your farm. Zipper handle sold separately

The Zipper is the perfect compliment to the Paperpot system as either part of a starting system or for follow up with a Complete Package.

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NOW IN STOCK This amazingly well thought out tool from Conor Crickmore is a no brainer, saving time and energy for many bed prep and planting operations. Great for planting or finishing off Paperpot Transplants, This new cornerstone tool is a new addition for the human scale farmer.

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