Wind Bracing Kit

$250.00 AUD excl gst

8 x 1.65m x 32mm Tube steel Galvabond Wind Bracing with End Clasps


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Wind Bracing upgrade kits adds strength and rigidity to your Cocoon Tunnel buffering the force of severe winds.

The Wind Bracing Kit consists of 8 x 165mm x 32mm strong Australian Galvabond tube steel.

The bracing attaches in two sections to the end three hoops at either side of the tunnel and at both ends.

The sections are attached to the hoops with strong galvanised steel brace clamps purpose built for ActiveVista’s Cocoon Tunnel series.

The Wind Bracing Kit will strengthen your tunnel giving protection to your crops and tunnel’s integrity under high wind pressure.

The Wind Bracing Kit is standard with the CocoonPro Tunnels and optional with the basic Cocoon 15 and 30 model as an upgrade and recommended.


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