5m Hoop Bender for Caterpillar Tunnels

$101.55 AUD (ex GST)

  • Precise bender for making 35mm x 8m arch season extension tunnel hoops.
  • Creates a 5metre wide x 2.3m high x 38mm steel hoop.
  • Specifically for bending 1.2mm galvanised steel tube.
  • Designed for hoops that cover up to 4 x 750mm beds with 450mm paths.
  • Perfect for tunnels up to 40metre length.
  • Part of a bio-intensive market gardening system
  • Designed for commercial or hobbyist use.
  • Part of the ActiveVista Caterpillar Tunnel kits.


Season extension tunnels aka Caterpillar Tunnels are an important part of maintaining a healthy bio-intensive and regenerative soil. Season extension tunnels allow the grower (you) to easily move and erect the tunnel for shoulder seasons before crop rotation the following year. Caterpillar tunnels can be easily made higher for mid season tall crops such as indeterminate tomatoes and cucumbers.