Greenhouse film for Caterpillar tunnels

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Price is per 5 linear metres.

7.5 and 8.5 metres width, 180 micron Medium Diffused Anti Drip Commercial Greenhouse Plastic.

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180 micron density u.v treated film for commercial hothouse use. This long lasting film is light enough for portability and strong enough for extended use over many years.

Recommended lengths/ standard use;

  • Standard 2.3metre height use 7.5metre width.
  • Extended height, use 8.5metre width.
  • For Caterpillar Tunnels with ends for temporary seasonal use (most common) add 3.5-5m at each end.
  • 15-18metre tunnel use 25metres of film.
  • 19-23metre tunnel use 30metres of film.
  • 24-28metre tunnel use 35metres of film.
  • 29-32metre tunnel use 40metres of film

NB: use with symbol showing inside direction.

Additional information

Width options (price per 5 linear metres)

7.5metre, 8.5metre