Red Dragon Flame Weeder with trigger VT2-23SVC

$286.36 $260.91 AUD (ex GST)

The Red Dragon Flame Weeder VT2-23SVC with trigger  and regulator is an effective part of an integrated weed management strategy or ‘stale bedding’ practice and for maintaining the spread of external weed seed without the use of deadly chemicals. 100.000 b.t.u.

The trigger allows for a strong flame burn when you need it and a minimal flame in between, saving energy for when you need it, maximizing the use of your gas bottle and refill times. The regulator makes it effective for using with the Neversink Flame Hood.



A cost and time effective management tool for profitable regenerative market gardening. Suitable for use with the Neversink Flame Hood

The  Red Dragon Flame Weeder is a quantified part of a low carbon footprint system.

Pick up from Longley Organic Farm will incur the $25 warehouse direct fee, as we pay this to get it here from our mainland wholesaler.

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