R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow EL75

$5,070.00 AUD excl gst

Suited for walking tractor models SB38, XB40, BCS740. (US model749 equiv.)  Wheels 6.50/80-12 & wheel spacer set 926.43685 are required. (See model pages for prices)

We can arrange nation-wide sales referral with post sale operational support. ActiveVista also handles complete sales and parts to Tasmania and  New Zealand for all Berta and Rinaldi units and parts and BCS/Pasquali Walking Tractor models as agents for Vin Rowe.

R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow microfarming equipment for profitable market gardening allows you to add compost and amendments effectively leaving a prepared bed for intensive planting,  vertical rotating blades do not invert layers and the  soil structure is not damaged. From 1metre to 100metre beds .


The (750mm bed width) R2 Power Harrow by Rinaldi is vital to our original permabed establishment. Perfect for confined spaces on small-farms, remote or marginalised land.

The powerful but gentle on soil substrate, depth adjustable vertically rotating tynes are perfect for original incorporation of soil amendments, trace, compost etc. We are able to amend soil to 100mm very easily BEFORE making our raised ‘Permabeds’ with a Berta plough. We are then able to complete the beds with the top layer of amendments again  using the R2 Power Harrow.

This will ensure correct Base Saturation Cation Exchange is achievable for maximised nutrient density, stable carbon production and storage, and plant exudation.

The R2 Power Harrow will leave a perfectly leveled 750mm bed, ready for planting intensive crops. A vital tool for amending beds every two years, the Power Harrow is an important part of our intensive regenerative system.

We recommend the BCS 740 Walking tractor (US BCS749 equal) is recommended to power and carry  the R2 power harrow.

For more information on the features of the R2 Power Harrow, contact us.

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