EL75 Power Harrow

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EL75 Power Harrow

Rinaldi R2, 75cm Power Harrow EL75 for profitable market gardening

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The EL75, 750mm wide Power Harrow to suit BCS Ferrari and Pasquali walking tractor models *. The EL75 Power Harrow is a corner stone tool for market farming

  • Updated model designed for BCS use, improved balance and length without compromising power or integrity
  • Perfectly prepared soil, easily adjustable depth to 160mm
  • Add compost and amendments efficiently
  • Vertical rotating blades do not invert soil or pulverise soil, no hardpan formation
  • Soil layers and the soil structure is not damaged
  • Perfect for confined spaces on small-farms, or areas of restrictive land access

Powerful but gentle on soil substrate, depth adjustable vertically rotating tines

  • Power harrows operate differently to rotary hoes and tillers, they are perfect for biologically friendly incorporation of soil amendments, trace elements, compost etc as the vertical sets of tines  gently ‘stir’ soil without compressing or inverting soil, the result retains it’s biological ‘crumb’ without soil compaction as a result of soil pulverisation often caused by rotary hoes

Perfect for buiding regenerative bed systems

  • The EL75 has the ability to amend soil to 160mm very easily. For regenerative designs the EL75 can be used before making raised beds with a rotary plough then complete the beds with a finishing pass. This will ensure correct Base Saturation Cation Exchange is achievable for maximised nutrient density, stable carbon production and storage, and plant exudation. The Power Harrow will leave a perfectly leveled 750mm bed, ready for planting crops. A vital tool for amending beds every two years, the Power Harrow is an important part of an intensive regenerative system

Strongest in it’s class

  • ActiveVista has chosen the Rinaldi R2 EL75 due to it’s superior drive train and proven reliability

Access for regional growers

  • We freight throughout Australia and to the South Pacific. For more information contact senior consultant, James Hutchinson.  james@activevista.com.au +61 427995867

*BCS models Ferrari 340, XB40 and BCS 740 Walking tractors are the required models to power and carry the R2 power harrow

*Wheels 6.50/80-12 & 6cm wheel spacer set are required

For more information on the features of the R2 Power Harrow, contact us



  • Power harrow 75cm,  87cm roller
  • Power 12-14hp
  • Working width 75cm
  • Total width 87cm
  • Amount of teeths 10
  • Depth 16cm
  • Weight 50kg
  • Standard with grid roll (037.750/B), leveling plate and height control with lever