Woven Insect Row Cover (cloche) 100m x 2.89m Delivery inc. Aust eastern states

$227.00 AUD (ex GST)

Woven insect netting rolls are designed to be used as a either a Floating Row Cover or Grow Tunnel to aid in protecting plants from insect damage, while maximizing light to pass through the fabric to the plants below.

  • The 2mm gaps of the light weight woven insect cloche allows, on average,
    85% light transmission.
  • 2.89m width, 100metre rolls


We stock a range at our Longley Organic Farm for pickup. Pickup prices contain a freight element. Customers from outside eastern states can contact us here for a revised quote.

Benefits include:

  • Crop protection i.e. protects crops and seedlings from insect, birds.
  • Air and moisture penetration; allowing air and moisture to pass through. It works as an minor climatic barrier buffering plants and soil from temperature extremes.
  • Woven insect netting is durable and hard wearing with an extended lifespan.
  • Organic allowed input – All cloche can be used in organic systems.

Additional information


25 gsm, 50gsm


3.2 metres


10 metres, 20 metres, 50 metres, 100 metres

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