Weed Gunnel

$11.50$840.00 AUD excl gst

High quality commercial weed mat. Weed Gunnel allows air & moisture penetration, nonwoven, uv stable. Not available in larger outlets

Weed Gunnel  ACO reg. input 452AI.



For all other options including discounted lengths over 400 metres click here to order now  you will be redirected to our custom quote form

Order any length required (over 50m) of the following widths
Weed Gunnel is available by the metre in widths of: PRICE PER METRE ORDERS OVER 400m
1800mm @ $2.34 / m » $2.10 / m
1400mm @ $1.82 / m » $1.64 / m
900mm @ $1.17 / m » $1.05 / m
500mm @ $0.65 / m » $0.58 / m
NOTE: 1om rolls have a $5 handling fee included in the price.
The following widths are only available in these set roll lengths
Contact to check availability of 1.2 or 1.6m wide. Limited stock.
3200mm / 100m rolls only @ $4.10 / m Same
2000mm / 100m rolls only @ $2.55 / m Same
1600mm / 400m rolls only @ $1.86 / m Same
1200mm / 400m rolls only @ $1.4 / m Same
PRE CUT SLITS. Only full 400m rolls can be precut with slits, contact us for details
400m rolls only @ $90.00/400m roll


Southern Tasmanian customers. We stock the standard range at our southern Tasmanian shop, Here On Earth. The price for local pick up will include an additional freight element as we pay freight to get it here from our northern Australian supplier. Please contact us for local pickup


  • Water penetration – is treated during manufacture with hydrophilic treatment to allow air and moisture penetration
  • Air Penetration – excellent air penetration to maintain aerobic conditions of the soil
  • UV Treated – UV stabilised with a 3-4 year life in full sun or 6-8 years when covered
  • Fertiliser friendly – allows liquid or slow release fertilisers to pass through
  • Controls Erosion – creates a barrier to wind and water runoff
  • Organic Allowed Input – Weed Gunnel is a registered Allowed Input (452AI) with the Australian Organic
  • Biodegradable  – Qld University of Physical Sciences tested

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