Moretta Di Veronella | Calibrated Organic Savoy Cabbage Seed

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Moretta Di Veronella cabbage is a traditional winter harvested savoy cabbage from the village of Veronella which lies between Verona and Padua in northern Italy. Part of the project to save biodiversity. Gusto Italiano Project

Like many regional specialties with roots in place in Italy and elsewhere, this variety is woven into the agricultural, cullinary, and cultural fabric of the area, and is celebrated with a “Sagra” or harvest festival in the second half of November each year. Green savoyed leaves blush deep purple on the exterior as the weather cools while the interior remains blanched pale yellow. Excellent and cold hardy for winter harvest from December sowing in temperate Australian regions

  • Professional Seed. Recent selection work by provides suitability for commercial application, high level of uniformity and yield

Key features

  • Specialty crop – Commercially viable heirloom
  • Calibrated seed for precision seeding
  • High germination rate and certified Xanthomonas and Pseudomonas free seed
  • Days to Maturity: 150 days
  • Certified organic: CCPB F253
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