Horticultural Fleece (cloche)

$24.55$227.27 AUD (ex GST)

ActiveVista now provides Horticultural Fleece (ACO 452AI reg. input), a valuable protective crop cover for six figure farming.

Widths Available

Horticultural Fleece is available in the following widths and weights/thickness.

  • 17gsm only available in 1.6m wide
  • 25gsm available in 3.2m, 1.6m widths
  • 50gsm available in 3.2m and 1.6m widths.
Weight Width Price
17gsm 1.6m $0.85/m
25gsm 1.6m $0.98/m
25gsm 3.2m $1.98/m
50gsm 1.6m $1.35/m
50gsm 3.2m $2.90/m

All above prices include GST. But Not delivery.

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Horticultural Fleece is a white, non woven polypropylene fabric designed to be used as a either a Floating Row Cover or Grow Tunnel to aid in protecting plants from insect damage, frost and extreme weather conditions, while still allowing air and moisture to pass through the fabric to the plants and soil below. This helps to maintain sufficient soil humidity and increase soil temperature, to offer an earlier and extended growing season plus an increase in crop yield. Horticultural Fleece is available in 17gsm, 25 gsm or 50gsm weights.

  • The light weight 17gsm fleece allows, on average,
    75% light transmission , 25% shade factor.
  • The light weight 25gsm fleece allows on average 70% light transmission, 30% shade factor.
  • The medium weight 50 gsm fleece allows,
    on average 60% light transmission 40% shade factor.


Benefits include:

  • Crop protection i.e. protects crops and seedlings from insect, birds, frosts, winds and excessive heat
  • Air and moisture penetration; the material insulates the area under the fleece, whilst still allowing air and moisture to pass through. It works as an effective climatic barrier buffering plants and soil from temperature extremes.
  • Horticultural Fleece is fully UV stabilized, giving the fleece an extended lifespan.
  • Strength; The polypropylene non woven style of manufacture provides excellent resistance to tearing and stretching in both directions. Provided proper application and handling of the fleece, it can be used over several seasons. After its use, it can be processed via traditional recycling systems, leaving no harmful toxins or heavy metal residue after breakdown.
  • Organic allowed input – Horticultural fleece is a registered allowed input (452AI) with the Australian Certified Organic Ltd.


17gsm is a very light-weight fabric not conducive to high winds and multi-season use. Would be best suited for indoor/microgreens production.

We have found that the 1.6m width doesn’t quite adequately cover an 800mm wide permabed when growing large, leafy brassicas, including brocolli. It should however, cover smaller crops such as baby leaf brassicas e.g. mustards, mizunae, kale etc.

The 3.2m width adequately covers an 800mm wide permabed with larger brassicas or other crops including tomatoes.



Additional information


25 gsm, 50gsm


3.2 metres


10 metres, 20 metres, 50 metres, 100 metres

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