Tilther without handles 18v drill powered

$904.55 AUD (ex GST)

US Tilther Ash handles available separately) , now available in Australia and N.Z only from ActiveVista. Part of our 6 figure farming range, the Tilther is a “low dig” implement for regenerative farming. Original US Ash  or Australian Hoop pine handles available separately.


Prepare perfect seedbeds.

This is a lightweight 18v drill powered tiller/ cultivator designed to create perfect tilth within the top 50 mm of your bed by mixing in compost and fertilizer while chopping up the roots of the previous crop. It was conceptualized by Eliot Coleman and is used extensively on his farm. After one quick pass, the bed is ready for the next planting. 380 mm wide. Powered by your rechargeable drill. 13 mm chuck size required; 18V or better recommended. Made of stainless steel and aluminum with oiled Ash or Hoop pine handles available (see Tilther handles). 6 kg. Not for initial tilling of native ground. Wooden handles available separately. Drill not included.

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