Touche Multiseed | Pelleted Summer Wild Rocket Seed

$5.70$243.00 AUD excl gst

Purely summer cropping wild rocket variety

Touche Multiseed Summer Wild Rocket is a hardy, compact plant with an upright habit, thick and fleshy leaves retaining a dark colour even under high temperatures condition. Touche provides excellent shelf life thanks to slow growth.

Thick leaves that ensure good yields and high mechanical resistance during harvesting and processing operations

Key features

  • Precision pelleted multiseed, direct sow or transplant: Avg. 32 seeds/pellet, sows avg. 45 plants/m2
  • Highly serrated leaves and upright plant habit
  • Amazing lobes from the first cut
  • Very uniform variety
  • High yield, cut and come again
  • Excellent bolting tolerance and Fusarium spp. resistance.
  • Days to maturity: 35 baby; 51 full size
  • Resistances: High: :Xcc, Foc, Ad
  • Professional seed, OP organically grown
  • Contact us for larger production quantities. Ref #SM4.46 (multiseed 32)
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