Johnny’s Tilther XT

$1,531.31 AUD excl gst

Prepare perfect seedbeds, drill powered seed bed preparation

An improved version of the Johnny’s original Tilther, the new Tilther XT improves on the original with an all-new drive system that generates more torque and improved responsiveness.

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Tilther XT

Since 2005 the Tilther has been the dependable standard in professional-grade bed preparation. Not to be confused with a tiller, the Tilther mixes and blends the top two inches of soil into a finely groomed and leveled tilth ready for planting. By targeting only the top two inches of soil, the Tilther leaves the soil structure and beneficial microbes intact, and does not bring dormant weed seeds to the surface.  The powerful XT gear drive is easily controlled with a gentle squeeze of the trigger, which is shaped to a newly contoured set of handles. High-strength metal components with full-length ash wood handles. Minimal assembly required. Powered by a standard 18V drill (not included).

Tilther XT. The updated original Tilther by Johnny’s Selected Seed

  • Drill powered, powerful and quiet
  • Housing made of robust stainless steel with an aluminium aluminum
  • Perfect for hothouse cultivation
  • Use for incorporating compost and other amendments
  • Prepare seed beds for precision seeders
  • The Tilther is a “low dig” minimal tillage implement for regenerative farming
This is a lightweight 18v drill powered tiller/cultivator designed to create perfect tilth within the top 50 mm of your bed by mixing in compost and fertilizer while chopping up the roots of the previous crop. It was conceptualised by Eliot Coleman and is used extensively on his farm and ours. After one quick pass the bed is ready for the next planting. 380 mm wide
Powered by your rechargeable drill. 13mm chuck size required; 18V or better recommended
Not for initial tilling of native ground
Drill not included

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