JP-1 Clean Seeder

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The Jang Seeder JP-1 Manual precision single row seeder, the leader in it’s class

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The Jang JP-1 single row seeder represents benchmark direct seeding technology for all market gardeners. With a bunch of adjustment features and 10 years in the planning the Jang JP-1 Clean Seeder covers every angle!

  • A wide selection of  quick change rollers available to seed different spacing and seed sizes quickly and efficiently
  • Rollers are not included
  • The hand pushed Jang JP-1 is a vital tool for profitable market gardening and offers a huge range of benefits
  • For use with all small to medium sized seed, carrot, parsnip, lettuce, brassica, beets, radish, spinach and up to corn
  • Perfect for intense planting of leafy greens, kale, radish etc. 11 rows on a 750mm bed
  • Perfectly spaced beets, carrots, salad turnips, radish…
  • Adjustable depth settings enables better planning for flame weeding and stale bed weed management practices
  • A large clear seed hopper for extended planting allows a user to easily see how much seed is remaining in the system, enabling seed quantification for future bed planning
  • Works well in a variety of soil types
  • Perfect for greenhouses
  • Soil scraper plate covers the seed before the rear wheel of the system firms the bed
  • Well designed wide, flat rear wheel creates good seed to soil contact while maintaining tilth

The Jang JP-1 Clean Seeder is by far a game changer, this machine will serve you well over the years, potentially paying for itself  in the first year

At ActiveVista’s Longley Organic Farm we use the JP-1 most weeks to quickly and accurately replant various multiple crops in one time slot, taking only minutes for each this greatly supports stress free productivity

Jang Seeders |JP1| Operational Manual

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