Cocoon30 | 30m Classic

$3,855.10$4,229.43 AUD excl gst

The Cocoon30 | Classic 30 metre Season Extension Tunnel

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The Cocoon30 provides Spring and Autumn extended growing times

  • Summer shade for healthier growth
  • Rapid relocation for bed and crop rotation
  • Standard model can be added on to, allowing greater strategic budgeting
  • 38m x 8.5m, 180 um Diffused Antidrip Commercial Hothouse film “Lift Kit ready” as standard
  • Pallet dimensions; 2500mm x 800mm x 400mm, 220kg. Will fit on a standard ute tray or trailer
  • Delivery included to TNT depots at major centres in Eastern Australia, South Aust and De Bruyn’s depot’s in Tasmania. In NZ; Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metro depot collection (additional freight for areas outside these zones, forklift required for farm deliveries.) Contact us for all other areas

Cocoon30 | 30m long x (4.60-4.85m) wide x 2.35m high

All Base parts include:

  • 63 x 2400mm x 35mm Galvabond steel (non-bent) hoop sections plus 1 x Hoop Bender (inc’ fixing bugles and hex drive) per order
  • 42 x 160mm x 31.8mm intenal Galvabond steel sleeves for hoop sections
  • Braided Rope x 500m
  • 180 um Greenhouse Plastic x 38m (8.5m width Classic supports lift kit upgrade)
  • 42 ReBar footings 1000mm x 16mm
  • 42 Anchor Plates (1.6mm Stainless)
  • 42 Anchor – Rope links (formerly carabiners) 316 grade stainless
  • 140 TEK Screws plus driver
  • 1 Centre Purlin Strap
  • 2 Purlin Strap Clasps
  • 6 x Side Curtain Hooks
  • Option for windbracing
  • Emailed instructional videos and photos
  • Telephone support

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