Cocoon30 | 30m Classic

$4,041.24$4,415.56 AUD excl gst

The Cocoon30 | Classic 30 metre Season Extension Tunnel


JackJaw Stake and Post Extractor

JackJaw® extractors make an easy task of pulling all star pickets, stakes and posts. With a couple pumps of the handle, stakes and posts will break loose

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The Cocoon30 provides Spring and Autumn extended growing times

  • Summer shade for healthier growth
  • Rapid relocation for bed and crop rotation
  • Standard model can be added on to, allowing greater strategic budgeting
  • 38m x 8.5m, 180 um Diffused Antidrip Commercial Hothouse film “Lift Kit ready” as standard
  • Pallet dimensions; 2500mm x 800mm x 400mm, 220kg. Will fit on a standard ute tray or trailer
  • Delivery included to freight depots in some major centres in Eastern Australia, including capital cities. We subsidise shipping nationally and to New Zealand. Check out our great shipping options here.

Cocoon30 | 30m long (+ upto 3m each tapered end) x (4.60-4.85m) wide x 2.35m high

All Base parts include:

  • 63 x 2400mm x 35mm Galvabond steel bent hoop sections
  • 42 x 160mm x 31.8mm intenal Galvabond steel sleeves for hoop sections
  • Braided Rope x 500m
  • 180 um Greenhouse Plastic x 38m (8.5m width Classic supports lift kit upgrade)
  • 42 ReBar footings 1000mm x 16mm
  • 42 Anchor Plates (1.6mm Stainless)
  • 42 Anchor – Rope links (formerly carabiners) 316 grade stainless
  • 140 TEK Screws plus driver
  • 1 Centre Purlin Strap
  • 2 Purlin Strap Clasps
  • 6 x Side Curtain Hooks
  • Option for windbracing
  • Emailed instructional videos and photos
  • Telephone support

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