WZ-C Compact | Vacuum Seeders for Walking Tractors

$5,080.00$10,850.00 AUD excl gst

Wizard Planters WZ-C Compact, modular kits for walking tractors

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  • The WZ-C Compact series consists of 1 up to a maximum of 3 sowing units and the distance between them goes from 25 cm up
  • Suitable either for sowing on open field and on raised bed
  • Suitable for most walking tractors eg, BCS, Pasquali, Ferrari and others.
  • Delivery of stocked items ex Aust ActiveVista warehouse, Australia wide 10-17 days,  New Zealand 14-21 days


  • Adjustable shoe opener
  • Row marker
  • Soil leveler
  • Sowing unit
  • Sowing vacuum metering unit
  • 5 litre seed hopper
  • Kit for small seeds
  • Closing wheel
  • Seed Discs supplied separately

Accuracy and adaptability

Wizard seeders, being equipped with a vacuum metering unit, stand out for their adaptability to different types of seeds. The seeder can sow small seeds such as carrots, onions, salads and many more up to larger seeds such as corn, beans, soybeans and many others. The change of the type of seed and the sowing distance on the row is made with simple and quick adjustments. The seed metering unit is designed to work even at much higher speeds than the actual working speed, this guarantees high precision. The adaptability of the Wizard vacuum metering unit is also given by the sowing systems R2 and R3, allowing two and three row lines with each of small vegetable seed per sowing unit.

These systems transform each single sowing unit with 1 line into 2 and 3 sowing lines in a very short time and without using tools. They can be applied to all our models and have the advantage that the seeder can be transformed in a short time and therefore switch from sowing pumpkin, courgettes, corn etc. to the specific sowing of vegetables quickly. Our planters are adaptable to a wide range of users as well as crops. They can be used in greenhouse and in open field, by seed producers or by those who have small plots of land to reduce costs.


Modularity and manageability

The modularity of our seeders allows to satisfy the need, by adapting the same machine from sowing crops that need a large surface for the germination, such as pumpkin, corn, courgettes, melons etc. to crops that need less surface like most vegetables. The gearbox mounted on each sowing unit allows great modularity and customization of the seeders.

This modularity allows considerably reduced the parking dimensions. The reduced weight and size of the Wizard range allows easy handling, even inside greenhouses as well as in transportation. All this while maintaining the sowing quality that distinguishes precision pneumatic sowing.

WIZARD WZ-B & WZ-C series Specs Video

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