Wizard Planters

Wizard Planters

Wizard Planters. Quality Ag made in Italy.

Wizard Planters provide the greatest number of solutions in a single seeder. Using the same technology as a seeder for large extensions in a seeder for small extensions

Developed from Wizard srl’s 30 year background on vacuum precision planters, this range is suitable for users and markets with multiple needs such as;

  • Small plots raised bed and field
  • 1o Hectare tractor mounted open field
  • Greenhouses, self propelled
  • Seed producers and many others

WIZARD have designed a range of vacuum precision planters that give several solutions to all customers needing to seed a diverse range of crops.

WIZARD planters are suitable for planting all types of monogerm seeds, horticulture and more.

“Our seeders, being equipped with a vacuum metering unit, stand out for their adaptability to different types of seeds.

The seeder can sow small seeds such as carrots, onions, salads and many more up to larger seeds such as corn, beans, soybeans and many others.

Our planters are adaptable to a wide range of users as well as crops.

They can be used in greenhouse and in open field, by seed producers or by those who have small plots of land to reduce costs.”

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