Potato Digger

$381.74 AUD excl gst

The Biagioli Potato digger for harvesting of tuber crops is designed for use with all BCS model walking tractors (BCS, Ferrari, Pasquali)

The maximum working depth is determined by pre-sowing soil work, the soil opening shear directs soil to either side of the sifting rods leaving tubers semi exposed and easily accessible

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AP-5 Potato digger/lifter.  To suit Biagioli AT.30 tool carrier with either the 2 bolt hitch or BCS Quick Hitch fixture


  • BCS walking tractor (BCS, Ferrari, Pasquali) with any tyre size
  • Biagioli AT.30 tool carrier: Either 2 bolt hitch or BCS Quick Hitch fitting
  • BCS Ballast weights may be required on smaller model walking tractors depending on soil profile


  • Minimum power required: 5.5 kW
  • Shear width: 300mm
  • Working depth: determined by pre-sowing soil work


  • Model: AP-5  Width 600 mm – Weight 9 kg