Wizard Planters | R2-R3 Sowing Solutions

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Solutions for Narrow Sowing. 2 and 3 sowing line each unit

R2 and R3 solutions let us reduce the distance between sowng lines up tp 9cm and 4.5cm
The sowing unit distance is currently min. 25cm and 12.5cm in WZ-F model
This solutions let us also multiply sowing lines, as every single line sowing unit will have 2 and 3 lines

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Accuracy and adaptability

Wizard Planters, being equipped with a vacuum metering unit, stand out for their adaptability to different types of seeds. The seeder can also sow small seeds such as carrots, onions, salads. The adaptability of the Wizard vacuum metering unit is also given by the sowing systems R2 and R3, this allows two and three row lines with each of small vegetable seed per sowing unit

These systems transform each single sowing unit with 1 line into 2 and 3 sowing lines in a very short time and without using tools. They can be applied to all our models and have the advantage that the seeder can be transformed in a short time and therefore switch from sowing pumpkin, courgettes, corn etc. to the specific sowing of vegetables quickly. Our planters are adaptable to a wide range of users as well as crops. They can be used in greenhouse and in open field, by seed producers or by those who have small plots of land to reduce costs



WIZARD R2-R3 system SET UP – 2 & 3 lines sowing unit | Video

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