Ridge 2 | BCS Power Ridger

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Ridger 2 BCS Power Ridger is the ideal implement for ridging inter-row crops

The unique front mounted powered implement with easy adjusting wings controlling soil discharging from both sides simultaneously

  • Prepare bulb beds
  • Hill tubers
  • Dig paths while mounding beds
  • Disperse compost from paths
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Versitile front mounted power ridger

The front-mount BCS Power Ridger known as the “Ridge 2,” is the ideal implement for hilling inter-row crops or for clearing weeds from ridges and improving the permeability of the soil.

The Power Ridger is a unique soil-working attachment as it is operated in front-mount mode leaving an open trench with ridges on either side, perfect for bulb or tuber planting. Not designed for primary tillage, the Power Ridger is generally used on previously worked soil. As with other PTO driven BCS attachments, Ridger 2 has a gear-driven transmission with steel gears and shafts running in oil-bath.

Perfect for hilling crops like potatoes, as well as cultivating between row crops during the growing season. Between raised beds Ridger 2 also works well to re-establish bed paths. The standard working width is 55cm.

Adjustable soil discharge

Discharge width: Soil discharge can be adjusted by raising or lowering the wings. A spring loaded pin on each wing easily adjusts the angle of the wings with four settings. Each wing can be extended up to 125mm outward with two manually adjusted screws. At the lowest setting, level with the ground, the wingspan is 75cm at the narrowest setting, and 100cm at full extension.

Soil Depth: The front wheel works both as a handy transport and a depth gauge that adjusts easily.

Balanced design: At 60kg, it isn’t very heavy for a front-mount implement (25kg lighter than the 80cm Flail Mower) and the weight is offset well by the tractor’s engine making it easy to lift off the ground while turning into the next row.

Widely adaptable: The Power Ridger is compatible with BCS, Ferrari, Passquali tractors 5.5kW and above

Diesel engine models may require the 17kg weight kit for the Power Ridger


  • 55cm working width
  • 75cm-100cm wingspan (adjustable)
  • Transport/depth control wheel
  • Adjustable soil discharge width via wings
  • Compatible with 5.5kw BCS, Ferrari and Pasquali models and up
  • Drive: with gears in oil bath
  • Working depth: adjustable through the front gauge wheel
  • Working width: adjustable through the upper wings
  • Optional accessories: 17-30kg ballast


  • Width 750 mm
  • Weight 60 kg

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