Piccolima RZ | F1 Mini Pointed Cabbage Seed

$6.73$1,171.18 AUD excl gst

Piccolima RZ is a mini pointed variety with fresh green colour, smooth wrapper leaves with a weight range of 150 to 350g

It has a unique nutrient profile and a crisp, mild flavour. Piccolima RZ is very suitable for high-density cultivation, easy to harvest, cut and clean. Marketable as a versitile salad input or mini pointed cabage. For summer production in temperate zones. 50-65 Days

Key features

  • Mini white pointed cabage
  • Fresh green wrapper
  • Nutritious, crisp, mild flavour
  • Suitable for high-density cultivation
  • Easy to harvest, cut and clean
  • Average crop weight 150 to 350g
  • Average growing cycle 50-65 days
  • Short term storage
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