Puntoverde RZ | F1 Romanesco Cauliflower seed

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The most reliable all-season Romanesco

With a striking appearance and a sweet nutty flavour Puntoverde RZ is just the right addition to expand consumers’ vegetable palate. The curd has a bright green hue, and the pyramidal florets are eye-catching but rounded enough to ensure that they are not fragile or prone to damage in harvesting or transport. With a vigorous plant, strong self cover, and excellent performance against disease, Puntoverde RZ can be grown year round. Harvest maturity ranges from 75-85 days in summer, 85-95 days in spring and autumn, and 95-110 days in winter.

Key features

  • Attractive and versatile romanesco cauliflower
  • Out-performs typical Romanesco types under stressful weather conditions
  • Strong against disease. Good vigour. Excellent quality
  • 85-100 day spring & autumn, 75-85 day summer, 100-110 day winter
  • Resistances: High: Mb
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