Yves RZ | Primed Red Oakleaf Seed

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Promising introduction, YVES RZ (pronounced ‘Eve’) is a robust, flexible red Salanova® oak leaf variety, with good shelf life. With its vibrant leaf colour and narrow leaves, it was developed to add diversity to the salad leaf segment. Well adapted for mechanical harvesting and suitable for year round production in most areas

Growers will love this variety because it maintains good vigour in winter and is slow bolting in summer. Yves RZ is a robust variety, with a soft flexible oak leaf texture and interesting nutty flavour. Featuring a flexible 3-D shaped leaf, with a small cut surface, Yves RZ has the added advantage of the naturally occurring Knox™ trait, which can increase shelf life by days

Key features

  • Robust red oak leaf lettuce with a nutty flavour
  • Small cut surface with the added benefit of Knox™
  • Year round production in most areas
  • Resistances: High: Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb
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