Purplette | Onion Seed

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Early, purple-red-skinned mini onion.

These flavorful specialty onions mature early and hold well. Purplette is a glossy rich burgundy, transforming to a nice pastel pink when cooked or pickled. Can be harvested at golf ball size or very young as baby bunching (spring) onions with purple pearl ends. Best at -40 latitude and lower. Open pollinated. Avg. 23,200 seeds/100grams.

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CULTURE: Sow in early spring in 5-10cm wide bands or single rows 10cm apart, about 12mm between seeds. Cover 6-12mm. Thinning is not necessary. Keep free of weeds. As with all onions, full sun, consistent soil moisture, and a fertile soil with a pH of 6.2-6.8 are preferable.

DIRECT SEEDING: Sow in a 5cm wide band, about 2 seeds/25mm, 6-12mm deep, use an X-24 or MJ-24 Jang seed wheel rows 30-45cm apart. Thin to 3-5cm apart for highest yields in fertile soil. Thin to 7-10cm apart for larger onions.

TRANSPLANTING: In short-season areas, sow seeds indoors in flats in late August to mid-September. Broadcast 12mm apart and cover 6mm. Tops may be clipped to 12cm tall. Transplant to the garden 10cm apart, or sow 5 seeds in each cell of 25-38mm diameter plug trays, thinning to 3 per cell. Transplant each cell 15cm apart. For Paperpot Transplanters use the 2.8mm seed plate and LP-15, 15cm chain pots

HARVEST: Pull by the bunch whenever needed. No skin forms until 2-3 months into the season, making mini onions easy to wash and prepare.

ADAPTATION: Mini onions are smaller and earlier to bulb the further south they are grown. Suited to -40 and lower latitudes for pearl and cipollini onions, for small to medium onions at higher latitudes.

AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 5,000 seeds/15metres, 30g/25m, 364g./333m, 15.4kg/acre at 96 seeds/30cm in 10cm wide bands, in rows 30cm apart.

SIZED SEEDS: All seeds are unsized.

SEED SPECS: SEEDS/100grams: 23,000-27,000 (avg. 123,300).

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