Davinci RZ | Primed Multi-leaf Red Butterhead Seed

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Davinci RZ is a unique leaf type due to its attractive multi-coloured butter leaves that offer a sweet, slightly nutty flavour

Salanova® is the name that stands for a range of fresh lettuce each providing hundreds of delicious baby-sized leaves with just one cut and Davinci RZ is one of the first in our red butter leaf types to include the naturally occurring Knox™ trait which helps improve the shelf life by delaying the browning of cut surfaces. A variety that can add an extra dimension to quality salad leaf blends

Key features

  • Attractive shiny red with good contrast, easy to harvest
  • Proven red butter variety
  • Leaves have a clear colour contrast
  • Slow bolting and upright growth
  • Suitable for spring to autumn harvest in cool areas, and autumn to spring harvest in warm areas
  • Pelleted for ease of use and thermal regulation
  • Resistances: High: Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0
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