Cocoon Pro15 | 15m Complete High Tunnel

$3,466.42 AUD excl gst

The Cocoon Pro15 | 15 metre Complete Season Extension Tunnel

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  • Provides Spring and Autumn extended growing times
  • All features of the Cocoon15 plus
    1. 2.75metre Lift Kit option as standard
    2. Galvabond Wind Bracing with 16 end clasps as standard
    3. 35mm Centre Galvabond Tube Steel Purlin with Cross Connectors end saddles
    4. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Anchor Plates
  • Easy and fast relocation
  • Pallet dimensions; 2500mm x 700mm x 400mm, 240kg. Will fit on a standard ute tray or trailer
  • Delivery included to TNT depots at major centres in Eastern Australia, South Aust and De Bruyn’s depot’s in Tasmania. In NZ; Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metro depot collection (additional freight for areas outside these zones, forklift required for farm deliveries.) Contact us for all other areas

Cocoon Pro15 | 15m long x (4.60-4.85m) wide x 2.75m high

All Base parts include:

  • 33 x 2400mm non-bent Bow sections plus 1 hoop bender (inc’ fixing bugles and hex drive) per order
  • 22 x 21.8mm x 160mm Galvabond Sleeves for Bow sections
  • Braided Rope 250m
  • Greenhouse Film; 23m x 180um x 8.5m width. (Allowing temporary tapered end or shortened end option)
  • 100 TEK Screws plus driver
  • 22 ReBar footings 1000mm x 16mm
  • 22 Stainless Steel Anchor Plates
  • 22 Anchor – Rope links (formerly carabiners) 316 grade stainless
  • 6 x Side Curtain Hooks

the Classic essentials plus:

  • 6 x 2500mm x 35mm Galvabond Solid Center Purlin 15m (including 11 x Cross Connectors sets and 5 x sleeves)
  • 2.75m Lift Kit; 22 x 400mm x 35mm Galvabond tube steel – each sleeved with 21.8mm x 160mm Galvabond insert.
  • 1 Galvabond Wind Bracing Kit- 4 corner braces, each corner is 2 x 1650 x 32mm tube steel with end braces (8 x 1650mm braces + 16 end clamps)
  • 18 metre Wiggle wire and Channel;  9 x 2m blue powder coated Wiggle Wires and 12 x 1.5m aluminium Channel
  • 2 Purlin Strap End Clasps with 5 metre Purlin Strap for each end. (allowing temporary option)
  • Cross Brace Trellising sold seperately
  • Shade Cover Sold separately


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