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  • AusPost Parcel

    Light weight items

  • 5m Hoop Bender

    5m Hoop Bender

    $87.01 AUD excl gst
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  • Hoop Bender

    Hoop Bender

    $82.01 AUD excl gst
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  • New

    SumiSoaker Mk III | 100m roll

    $128.67 AUD excl gst
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  • SumiSoaker R Wide | 100m roll

    $338.93 AUD excl gst
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  • 5mm Braided Rope

    5mm x 230m Braided Rope

    $58.19 AUD excl gst
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  • 5mm x 230m Neo-Braid Rope

    $98.67 AUD excl gst
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  • Six-Row Seeder | V2

    Six-Row Seeder | V2

    $1,677.07 AUD excl gst
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  • Single-Row Pinpoint Seeder

    Single-Row Pinpoint Seeder

    $593.21 AUD excl gst
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  • Manual baby leaf harvester

    Salad Cutter Harvest Scoop

    $178.42 AUD excl gst
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  • 75cm Bed Preparation Rake head

    75cm Bed Preparation Rake Head

    $175.00 AUD excl gst
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  • Rolling dibble wheel

    Dibble Wheel | Infinite Rolling Dibbler

    $380.15 AUD excl gst
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  • wide-hand-hoe-with-replaceable-blade-120mm

    Wide Hand Hoe | 80mm, 120mm, 180mm

    $106.17 AUD excl gst
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