SumiSoaker R Wide | 100m roll

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SumiSoaker R Wide | 100m roll

The 100m bulk roll can be cut to your required lengths. Starter connections, filters and end stoppers are available in our online store.

The R-Wide hose has an operating pressure of 7psi – 30psi, and provides an even coverage of up to 5.5 metres on both sides (11 metres width).

Pre-assembled kits are also available. The simple installation process involves unrolling the hose in the desired location and connecting to a standard agline fitting or garden hose fitting. The gentle rainfall effect keeps the soil structure intact, not hardening the surface and allowing slow absorption of the water to the roots

Key Features

  • Versitile 100m roll for custom lengths
  • Suitable for horticulture, landscapes or home
  • Fittings sold separately
  • Low pressure requirements
  • 5 – 11 metre spread depending on applied pressure
  • Long lasting, Japanese made and designed for commercial use
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SumiSoaker R Wide | 100m roll

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Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure**: 200kpa (2kg/ cm2), 30 psi
Required Flow Rate per Metre: 1.5 litres per metre of hose per minute.
50m: 75lts per minute
Coverage at Optimum Pressure and Flow Rate: 10 metres width (5m either side of hose)
Water Application Rate: Equivalent to 9mm/hour of rain at 200kpa @ 1.5 lt/ metre/min flow rate
Coverage Area: Rectangular. Up to 1000m2 (10m wide x 100m long).
Operating Length: Adjustable operating length using sliding stopper Tube Width (Flat): 62mm Tube, sold separately
Diameter (Inflated): 34mm Number of Holes: 6 holes / 310mm of tube
Material: Special black polyethylene
Filter: 181 micrometer = 100 mesh, sold separately

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