Senninger PSR2 | 10PSI Pressure Regulator 3/4″ F x F

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The Senninger PSR2 10 PSI Pressure Regulator Valve plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal pressure levels within your irrigation system while providing longevity to irrigation systems and mitigating damage

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Senninger PSR2 | 10PSI Pressure Regulator 3/4″ F x F

Engineered to function within a specific pressure range, this pressure regulator guarantees consistent performance while safeguarding your system against potential damage from excessive pressure. The PSR2 10PSI Pressure Regulating Valve operates at a constant, factory-preset, non-adjustable outlet pressure, accommodating a flow range up to 1136 L/hr for efficient water distribution across your irrigation network.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the PSR2 Pressure Relief Valve is designed for longevity. Its upper housing, lower housing, and internal molded parts are made from engineering-grade thermoplastics, complemented by elastomeric seals and a reinforced elastomeric diaphragm. These components ensure durability, resistance to environmental conditions, and dependable pressure regulation.

Installation of the PSR2 Pressure Relief Valve is simple, featuring ¾-inch Female National Pipe Thread (FNPT) connections providing integration into ¾-inch BSP irrigation fittings. To ensure proper operation and protection for your irrigation components, it should be installed downstream from all shut-off valves.

Caution Note: Do not use with high pressure water systems (above 40PSI) when attached to fittings with BSP thread.


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